These Are The 4 Nigerian Celebrities Who Have Fallen Off Stage During Performance

Once in a while, crazy things happen to various people. Almost everyone has a couple of embarrassing moments in their lives they can’t possibly forget in a hurry. There have been a couple of such moments on the Nigerian Music scene involving your favorite music stars, and that’s what we’ll be looking at today. Do you remember that epic moment back in 2014 when on half of P-Square, Peter Okoye dropped off stage? Let’s take a stroll down memory lane in the spirit of a throwback and check out some of those moments involving 4 music acts who had a humorous fall while performing on stage.

Burna Boy
While performing at the Headies back in December 2012, Burna Boy just like Humpty dumpty, had a great fall.

Peter Okoye
While belting their hit song, “Bring It On,” Peter Okoye stepped too close to the center edge of the five-foot elevated stage and fell off, tumbled, and landed on the floor like a bag of rice, thereby hitting his back against the protective metal barricades used to shield fans from the stage.

Ruby Gyang
In 2014, Chocolate City singer, Ruby Gyang fell off the stage while performance at the One Mic Naija concert in Lagos.

Small Doctor
In what can be supposed a momentary loss of concentration, the “Gbera” singer lost his footing and fell awkwardly off stage during the performance of his hit song, “Mosquito.”
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