He Needs Your Advice!! I Can’t Ask A Girl Out Because Of My Brown Teeth

So Sad. A Depressed Nigeria needs your Advices…. :( He sent this to us:- This has been giving me psychological trauma since my secondary school days as I find it so difficult to engage in a normal conversation with a girl. I onced asked my mum the reason why my teeth is brown and she told me it was as a result of the highly concentrated herbs and an antibiotics which contains tetracycline I used when i was very ill at infantry. Now there is this girl I am in love with, whenever we see I always find it so difficult to smile talkless of laughing because that would expose my brown 32 teeths. Sometimes she throws a very funny jokes at me and she will expect me to Laugh but believe me I just laugh inside of me and on the outside, I will bone my face as if the joke was dry, most times she thinks I am just being proud. You all can Imagine!! I really love her but this my teeth is killing me. What do you think I should do?
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