See Wahala!! If You Were The One, What Would You Do To This Girl? (See What Happened)


This is a true life story.

A girl asked you for money to pay for her professional exams which will be closing very soon.

The amount was One Hundred thousand naira (N100,000) . In your infinite mercy, you told her to come meet you at Ikeja mall, You quickly drove down, leaving your work and all. You told her all you got was 20,000 naira that she should add it to whatever she has.

You drove off , but later remembered you needed to get something at the mall. Only for you to go back and you saw the same girl in one of the fashion store pricing a bag, you thought she was window shopping, you waited, watched her bring out the money you gave her, counted 19,000 thousand and gave to the cashier.

You were still shocked, she walked out not sighting you.

You decided to go confirm how much the bag cost, you went straight to the shelf, saw exactly the same bag, checked the price tag and it was boldly written 25,000 promo price 19,000.

If you were the guy, lalasticlala what would you do?

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